Traditional Christmas Decor

For a traditional look in regards to Christmas decor, keep the lights white and dedicated to three spaces: along gutters or eaves, in windows or around the garage door, and on larger trees or bushes. Try to keep things symmetrical. There are three varieties of white LED lights. Warm white mimics the glow of classic incandescent bulbs. Polar white gives off an icy-blue tinge. And pure white is just what it sounds like — pure white. Ideally, you would want a mix. Place warm-white strands along the eaves or gutters, and offset those with polar-white lights in your greenery. The two tones play off of each other extremely well. Avoid pure-white bulbs. They can make your home look like an enormous headlight — and no one wants to have that.

EXTRA TIP: Want to win the admiration of your entire neighborhood? Put lights along the ridge of your roof.
Unlike strands of yesteryear, today’s lights will stay lit even if a bulb goes out, as long as the dud bulb remains in place and completes the circuit.