The Roof Over Your Head

It is not uncommon to hear people refer to their homes as, “the roof over their head.” We obviously sense the value in having a roof, which represents a safe shelter and protection over us. Why do so many people tend to neglect the maintenance that can extend its life?
When it comes to our cars, we schedule frequent maintenance like oil changes and tire rotations. If we have a check engine light turn on in our vehicles, we take it straight to the mechanic knowing that delaying that light could be more costly as each day passes.
Why do we not check or properly maintain our roofs? It is no different than your car, other than the fact that we have not figured out a way to create a check roof light for your home. It is a wonderful idea though! Maintaining your roof is vitally important to the overall condition of your home.
Standard roof shingles have a shelf life of around 25 years, so if you have never considered a new roof, now might be a good time. Reeves is a well established and family owned and operated business. We go out of our way to provide the best quality commercial and residential roofing for homes and businesses. We work with most types of quality shingles such as EPDM, slate, tile, and other commercial products. It takes a licensed and certified roofing contractor to be able to handle the installation process in a professional manner. Many underestimate the process of how to install a roof and what is needed to assure that a watertight solution is provided.
Having a new roof put on your home or business makes a lot of sense. An old roof may not show visible signs of wear and tear, but most likely years of water, wind, sun, and moisture damage have done more harm than you may think. Water leaks in through old roofs and may collect inside your home. Even where you cannot see it. This may cause mold, mildew, or other unsightly problems with significant health risks. The cost of replacing a roof can get much higher if you need to clean out any water damage that’s accumulated over the years.
If you have a relatively new roof and discover a leak or some other problem, Reeves is happy to help you out. Our certified and experienced inspectors can locate and stop leaks so your home stays protected from the elements. We even offer a Roof Tune-Up.
Do not wait to have your roof checked out. It could be a costly mistake. Call Reeves to schedule an appointment. We always offer free roofing inspections, and we are always happy to assist you. Remember, a Roof Tune-Up is an inexpensive solution to what could be a future problem and an expensive one to cure.