Money Is Not Everything.

   Contrary to popular belief, money is not everything. We would suggest never choosing a contractor based solely on price. Although it is important to weigh competing quotes against each other, your decision should ultimately be based on the quality of workmanship the contractor can provide. Cheap bids drive down the market, and any company with overhead and proper insurance has to establish pricing to cover such costs.
Those that do work on the side, or are just working out of a pick-up truck, can always do work cheaper. Remember though – in the long run, you get what you pay for. Customers that are sold on price as their sole criteria ultimately end up spending more money to fix problems, and many of these problems could have been covered under a workmanship guarantee or warranty by a reputable and established roofing company.
At Reeves, we work with all insurance companies but are also more than happy to give you a cash quote. Give us a call at 866-592-3632 or send us a message here to set up an inspection and find out how you can get a new roof.