In The Valley

The valley is the area of a roof where two adjoining pitched sections come together – creating a downward angle from which the water is dispersed off of the roof and onto the ground beneath. This is where you, as a homeowner, hopefully find the value in a good gutter system.
Roof leaks can cause a lot of stress to a homeowner, especially when there is  no obvious cause. Roof leak detection is important. The entry point is not always an obvious or clear answer. The good news is that to a qualified and reputable roofer, it is probably simple to both find and fix, and it is also possible that you may not need an entirely new roofing system.
The vast majority of roof leaks come from a flashing of some sort. Many times this happens around the chimney flashing, skylights, or in the wall flashing. In this case, when talking about valleys, it is probably due to the underlayment (if any) and the way the valley was originally cut.
Leaks in roof valleys can be prevented by taking some extra precautions, like using proper and adequate underlayment. Products like Summit 60 Synthetic Underlayment with valley metal flashing will work well. This provides the roofer with a sort of built in insurance against such leaks and provides the homeowner with a much desired peace of mind.
Hiring a licensed roofing contractor to evaluate your leak is definitely the smartest option. They will be able to water test and see exactly where the leak is, and they should be able to handle the job to ensure the leak stops.
If you live in the area and are experiencing any leaks, please consider calling us for a free roof evaluation or estimate. If we can assist you in any way, please drop us a note here on the website or give us a call at 866-592-3632.