Choosing The Right Color For Your Roof

If deciding to have your roof replaced is not a big enough deal, then choosing the right roof color is! A successful exterior design depends on your taste, imagination, and ability to combine beautiful colors and accents on your home.
It seems that each roofing manufacturer we work with keeps adding styles and colors to their product choices regarding roof colors, patterns, and designs. This does not always make things easier, so we thought of a few tips you may want to consider before re-roofing your home.

4 Tips for Choosing the Right Roof Color:

1.) Observe how much of your roof is visible from the street or how much is in view from most vantage points in the neighborhood. If you have a larger roof, a neutral shingle color will probably look best. This gives you more options to play with color accents around your home like gutter color, shutters, exterior and trim paint and other aspects of your home. If your roof angle is normal or slight, you can use more colorful shingles or more interesting shingle patterns and designs.

2.) Use colors in the same color family as the body of your home for a simple and non-accented color combination between your roof and the rest of your house. For example, If you have a gray home, you are probably best going with a gray (light or dark) or even a charcoal, which is like a grayish-black, and then you can choose colors like white or black for your trim. This will help things blend while still being interesting.

3.) Use bolder and brighter colors to make a design statement. Have a red brick home, give Pristine Green a shot! Have a gray house as mentioned above, check out Pristine Sunset as an option. Re-roofing your home and choosing the right color is something that most people only do once or twice. Stay blended and neutral or explore colorful options to make a statement in your neighborhood.

4.) Always follow your instinct. Yes, ask friends or family what they think, as a wise person always seeks counsel, but you know — it is probably best to just trust your own instinct. Choose a roof color that makes you feel comfortable and makes your home feel more like home. You and your family are the ones who will be looking at it every time you pull in the driveway.

We hope this makes your roofing decision a little bit easier, and if there is anything we can do to help, please call us at 866-592-3632 or send us a message here,  and we will be happy to assist. We have been installing roofs, siding, gutters and more in the Carolinas for decades.
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