3 Benefits of A Metal Roof

There are a lot of new concepts in the roofing industry, but metal roofing is not one of them. Since the rise in popularity of asphalt shingles (like three-tabs and architectural shingle systems) it seems that metal was put on the back-burner. That was, until recently. Metal roofing is on the move again in both the residential and commercial roofing markets. There are several key reasons for this, from cost, environmentally conscious consumers, and the ability to recycle the product itself.

Did you know that over 11 millions tons of “waste shingles” are generated every year”? This is according to a recent study by the Environmental Protection Agency. As environmentally conscious consumers become more aware of facts like these — they begin looking for alternative products and measures, and metal roofing is definitely one of them.

Metal roofing typically comes in sheets or panels (often referred to as corrugated metal roofing or paneling) and is fastened to the deck of the structure. They may be made out tin, aluminum, steel, or even copper, and depending on your price point and atheistic preference, you can choose accordingly.

Copper metal roofing is definitely a pricer option, but will last a long time as it is known to be more durable than other metals and fight corrosion better.

A typical asphalt shingle roof will last you between 15-30 years depending on certain elements and weather conditions, not to mention how well you maintain you roof. With proper maintenance, metal roofs last anywhere from 40-50 years on average. Should you choose to go with copper panels, you will get a roof that could last you over 60 years!

3 benefits to metal roofing:
1.) Durability. Metal roofing holds up much better than typical asphalt shingles. Less damage over time equals less repairs which equals less cost for you.
2.) Energy costs. Because of the way they are manufactured, metal roofs save on energy costs and some insurance companies and / or utility companies offer energy-efficient incentives and rebates. Metal roofing prices will surprise you in how they can effectively save you many times over.
3.) Environmentally friendly. With so much waste in our society and so many people becoming more and more environmentally conscious, it is no wonder that metal is coming back as it is completely recyclable.

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