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Believe It or Not – Drone Edition

Believe it or not, it is no longer necessary to climb on roofs to do inspections! While some people are so experienced that they can tell you if you have damage just by looking up, automation is becoming more and more popular in the roofing and construction industry. What is automation? Automation leverages technology to […]

Traditional Christmas Decor

For a traditional look in regards to Christmas decor, keep the lights white and dedicated to three spaces: along gutters or eaves, in windows or around the garage door, and on larger trees or bushes. Try to keep things symmetrical. There are three varieties of white LED lights. Warm white mimics the glow of classic […]

The Right Way To Christmas Decor

Christmas is coming!! You know what that means?? Decking the halls, lighting our yards and homes with colorful lights, and eating until we fill out our stretchy pants!! Here are some helpful tips that would be included in the manual of Christmas, if there was one: 1.) LIGHTS Before you start, make a plan. Measure […]

Seamless Gutters, Not Rocket Science

Seamless gutters, they are not rocket science, but do you actually know why you need them? The obvious answer would be to keep any water drain-off from flooding into your basement or crawl space. Did you know other damages can occur as a result of an insufficient gutter drainage system? Without having the proper gutters […]

The Roof Over Your Head

It is not uncommon to hear people refer to their homes as, “the roof over their head.” We obviously sense the value in having a roof, which represents a safe shelter and protection over us. Why do so many people tend to neglect the maintenance that can extend its life? When it comes to our […]

Locals or Liars?

With all the storms we have had recently, we feel that it is immensely important that you choose local and reputable contractors to repair the damages done to your home or property. Some people are local, others lie and tell you that they are local. Some things you can do to make sure you’re dealing […]

Is Your Roof Ready For Santa This Christmas?

Roof repairs do not have to be a sensitive subject for homeowners. With proper maintenance your roof should last many years, but when it does come time to replace your roof trust a professional to perform the job correctly. Choose the right materials for your roof to ensure that maintenance and repairs are simple and […]

Choosing The Right Color For Your Roof

If deciding to have your roof replaced is not a big enough deal, then choosing the right roof color is! A successful exterior design depends on your taste, imagination, and ability to combine beautiful colors and accents on your home. It seems that each roofing manufacturer we work with keeps adding styles and colors to […]

A Little Water Goes A Long Way

A little water can go a long way to create some serious damage. Especially after all the rain we have had this past summer, and with the past two hurricanes. Sometimes, the water damage goes well beyond what you can see. In fact, even minor roofing leaks can create a build-up of moisture which can […]